Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Take on our winter reading challenge! We have created 13 reading categories, based on Winter Olympic Sports. Choose just one event, read a book, and turn in an entry form. Winning is that easy. As we keep track of the medal count from Sochi, Russia, we'll also see which group of Newton Falls Patrons can earn the most medals. It's the teens, against the adults, against the kids, and the kids are already in the lead.

Kids -- 4 medals
Teens -- 0 medals
Adults -- 1 medal

Check out the categories below, and join today. Entries are available at our front desk until the Closing Ceremonies in Sochi. Check out the categories for kids and teens below. Adult categories vary slightly.

Downhill Skiing -- Enjoy a book below your reading level

Biathlon -- Read a book from the fiction and one from the nonfiction section.

Bobsleigh -- This is a team sport! Read a book with someone else.

Ski Jump -- Try out a book that is above your reading level.

Freestyle Skiing -- Read any book you like.

Hockey -- Assemble a team. Read a book with a group and talk about it.

Speed Skating -- Listen to an audiobook. Books on CD are available at the library and digital audiobooks are available here.

Curling -- Read a book about a subject you know nothing about. Try something new.

Cross Country Skiing -- Read about another country or culture.

Skeleton -- Enjoy a scary story.

Snowboarding -- Read a book about winter, sports, or winter sports!

Figure Skating -- Read a mystery and "figure" it out.

Nordic Combined -- Read a co-authored book.

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