Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Bites Reviews

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Review by Paige
A girl named Tris, has realized that something is going on with the Erudite. My favorite character is Tris because she is Dauntless which means bravery. I liked this book because it had a lot of action and you figure out a lot of things.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Review by Kayse
**Spoiler Alert**
A girl named hazel Grace has cancer and meets a boy name Augustus. they fall n love but Hazel becomes even sicker. Augustus becomes sick too but his cancer spreads everywhere. My favorite character is Augustus Waters because he looks into life and lives his life to fullest. He doesn't have a care in the world. he makes people smile and cares about others. I loved this book because it shows a lot of life lessons. Eve the lowest of times it will be okay.

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Review by Katelyn
Sophie performed a love spell and it was too powerful. She was sent to Hecate hall and she was roomed with the only vampire in the school. There more killings. My favorite character is Archer because I like his name and he is really sarcastic. I see a romance brewing between Sophie and him. I liked this book because it is suspenseful and romantic with Sophie and Archer.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
Review by Destiny
Greg's best friend Rowley finds a girlfriend who turns Rowley from being immature to being proper. Greg tries to fit into other groups but it doesn't work. He tries to "Find a Friend" button. My favorite character is Manny because he is so cute and funny to me. I loved this book.

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Review by B-liz
Miranda almost dies and her angel saves her. There is an angel who is really hot and really crazy vampire. My favorite character is Zachary because he is hot and muscular and everyone stares at him. I loved this book because it was scary and thrilling. Also it was aggravating because they didn't do what you wanted them too.

A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Review by Tori
It is Gemma Doyle's 16th birthday when something goes terribly wrong and she is sent to Spence Academy in London. My favorite character is Gemma.

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