Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Bites Reviews

Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
Review by Paige
Bud, a 10 year-old boy wants to find his father. My favorite character is Bud because he is very curious and interesting. I like this book because it gets yo wondering about what is going to happen next.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Review by Katelyn
Katniss is a girl from District 12 (the poorest district) and her sister gets chosen for the Hunger Games (a game where people fight to the death for fame and for their district.) Katniss volunteers as tribute and the boy chosen to for the Hunger Games is Peeta Mellark. A long time ago he tossed her bread, and she is really grateful. Then, at the interview, he shays he is in love with her. and she gets really mad. During her training session she shoots an arrow at the Game Makers and gets an 11. All the other tributes really hate Katniss and get Peeta to join the Careers. Katniss and a girl named Rue become allies and they make a really good team. Then Claudius Templesmith says there is a rule change where two tributes from the same district can win the Hunger Games.

Black Butler by Yana Toboso
Review by B-liz
The demon butler saves Ciel. My favorite character is Ciel because he is funny. I loved this book because it is hilarious and serious and sad.

The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade
Review by Katelyn
Alona (ghost) and Will Killian (Goth) fall in love. My favorite character is Will because he sounds really cute and he is really smart. I liked this book because I kept wanting to read it.

The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey
Review by Hannah
Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry go to Canada to find Mr. Chanler, while trying to disprove the existence of the monster, the Wendigo, that starves even when it is gorging, and must have a human host. This is ironic because upon finding Mr. Chanler, they find the Wendigo.

Swindle by Gordon Korman
Review by Destiny
Ben Slovak and Griffin Bing stay at the old Rockford House which is geting torn down, and Griffin can't sleep. He went to look around the house and finds a Babe Ruth baseball card. My favorite character is Savannah because she is an animal lover. I loved this book.

No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman
Review by Destiny
Wallace Wallace gets detention for not writing a proper review of Old Shep, My Pal. My favorite character is Trudi Davis because she is the funniest. I loved this book.

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
Review by B-liz
Maggie kills the dragon Rusalye. She gets and amplifier. She runs away from the darkling. She starts seeing the darkling. She gets marriage proposals. her and her boyfriend are having fights. My favorite character is Ivan because he is evil. I loved this book because it is so addicting. There is a love pentagon (instead of triangle.)

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Review by Katie
Hazel, a sixteen year old girl with lung cancer, goes to a support gorp with other cancer kids and meets Augustus, a seventeen year old guy who lost a leg. They fall in love. My favorite characters are Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace because they are very deep when they talk about things and even though they know they're going to die, they try not to focus on that, and just make the most of life. I loved this book because there's so much meaning behind everything said. It's not like most cancer books. It's unique.

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