Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Bites Reviews

The Lucky Stone by Lucille Cliftor
Review by Paige
This book is about a slave who finds a black stone and good things start to happen to her. I like this book because it could be a true story. You should read this book because it's in her point of view.

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
Review by Tori
This book is about Ben is half deaf and Rose is looking for an actress. I like this book because it's awesome. You should read this book because the drawings are great.

How To Tell If You Cat Is Plotting To Kill You by Matthew Inman
Review by Melody
This book is about how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. I like this book because I just do. You should read this book because I like it.

The Forbidden Schoolhouse by Suzanne Jurmain
Review by Tim
Prudence Crandell builds a school for white women. Then she changed it to an all black women's school. Everyone in Caterbury hates her but she won't back down. She goes to jail and fights for the freedom of blacks. I like this book because it is the only good nonfiction book...because it's good...OK just deal with it. It's good. You should read this book because it's good.

A Mutiny in Time (The Infinity Ring Series) by James Dasher
Review by Hannah
This book is about three kids. Sera, Dak and Ria are in the future, maybe 20 or 30 years from now, and there's an organization called the SQ who have caused history to be altered. People know when the SQ alters history because they have Rembrants (mind conditions). Sera, Dak's best friend cracks the formula of the Infinity Ring and now the Hysteryians (a group who rights the SQ's wrongs) can travel back through the future and fix history before the Time Wardens, working for SQ get them.

Max by James Patterson
Review by B-liz
This book is about flying kids and tests. Also, somebody's mom gets captured. I like this book because there are hot guys (Fang), and people get shot at. You should read this book because it's action packed, never disappointing, and give me hope for the future with a very hot boy.

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