Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rave Reviews

Ever want to be a book critic? Or want to spread the word about an awesome book you have read? Or maybe a terrible one? The whole family can participate in this new easy program with a great prize!

  1. Pick a book from our Juvenile Fiction Section that was published in 2011 and read it, either by yourself, with a parent or together as a family.
  2. Post a review here as a comment to this post, OR you can e-mail your review to me at, OR stop by the children's room and fill out a form and we will post your comment for you. Your review will be moved to its own post so others can comment on it.
  3. Keep reading. For every 2011 book you and/or your family reviews or posts about, we will enter your family in a drawing for a grand prize. (To be eligible for prizes, you name and contact information must be included in your review. This information will NOT be posted on this blog, even if you include it in your comment.)
  4. Keep following the discussion. Defend your favorites, comment on other reviews and campaign for your picks. (This blog's comments are moderated, so inappropriate or mean comments will NOT be posted.)
  5. Attend our wrap up party on December 15th and vote for your favorite book of the year.

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ccbaker said...

"The Mistaken Masterpiece" by Michael Beil is the third book in The Red Blazer Girls mystery series. The clues are there; can you figure out how to prove that the painting belonging to Father Julian's family is valuable before Sophie and her friends can? This book has suspense, humor, and interesting, intelligent characters.